Retirement: One in Five over 55’s want to ‘downsize’ their home

iStock_000001437287XSmallA recent study conducted by retirement specialist Key Retirement Solutions, has revealed 20% of over 55’s want to downsize their property to save money in retirement. Financial experts point out there are many reasons why people over the age of 55 might want to downsize. The survey found 19% of respondents couldn’t afford to run their home, whilst 4% have admitted they must downsize because they can’t afford their monthly mortgage payments. The survey also found that when downsizing, the average ...

Interest rate could rise to 8 per cent by 2012 according to economic expert

Interest rates could rise to 8 per cent in 2012 to combat a surge in inflation, according to the chief economist at the Policy Exchange. Andrew Lilico warned that the UK could face a double dip recession followed by a massive boom, which will need to be restrained with a higher interest rate to prevent falling back into another recession.