Pensions: 45% of people have never reviewed their pension

A new survey has shown just how few people ever review their pension and that an increasing number are turning to friends and family for financial advice. Whilst the research, carried out by the investment firm Baring Asset Management, showed that the majority of people, who have not yet retired, recognised that it was important they understood how their pension was invested, a large percentage of people had never actually reviewed their pension. Attitude to risk Have you reviewed your pension?...

Half of women do not have a retirement plan according to Baring Asset Management

Almost half of women yet to retire do not have a pension plan illustrating a disturbing lack of concern for their future welfare, according to figures revealed by Baring Asset Management. Alarmingly, 17 per cent of over 65s who are still working do not have a retirement strategy either and will be forced to become reliant on state funding in their coming years.