Housing & Mortgage Round Up: Huge rise in house, whilst home ownership falls

Housing & mortgage round up_istockphotoThis week’s Housing and Mortgage Round Up has a distinctly historical feel to it with research showing an amazing increase in house prices over the last 40 years, whilst another report shows that home ownership has fallen over the past 25 years. But before that we start with the latest Halifax House Price Index figures. Are you looking for ...

House prices fall by 3.6% according to Halifax index

House prices dropped by 3.6% from August to September marking the biggest fall on record, according to a report by Halifax. However, the bank said that it is too early to conclude that the fall is the sign of a sustained drop in prices. The survey found that the average price of a home in the UK is £162,096. The quarter on quarter comparison showed a 0.9% fall in prices, which is often considered to be a better indicator of the changing state of the current housing market. Despite a drop from the 4.6% rise recorded in August, figures are still 2.6% higher than the same period last year.