Why keeping your employees financial healthy is good for your business

Why keeping your employees financial healthy is good for your businessNew research has shown a close link between the financial health of employees, productivity and ultimately business profits. The research, conducted by Barclays across 100 employers and 2,000 members of staff, produced some surprising results, which could make uncomfortable reading for some business owners. 46% of employees worry about the state of their personal finances Only a third of employees feel optimistic about their financial future 20% of employees avoid thinking about their finances because they find it upsetting; 18% even lose sleep over ...

Financial worries plague over two thirds of Brits

Money worries hit majority of British adults. Financial problems worry over 60% of people in the UK. People are "more worried than ever about money", according to a report by the Institute of Financial Planning and National Savings & Investments. Almost 20% of people said they worry about money all the time and just over 40% of participants said they worry about cash 'more often than not' in the financial survey. Only 3% of respondents said they never worry about money, which is a 9% drop from the same time last year.