UK banks excluded from Global Finance’s top 10 safest financial institutions

Despite having one of the largest banking systems in the world, the UK's banks have failed to appear in Global Finance's top 10 list of the world's safest banks. The annual ranking highlights concerns over risk-taking and the amount of capital held by banks and the UK's exclusion from the top 10 will come as bitter blow to the country's recovering economy.

Banks failing to inform customers of savings rate changes

High street banks are not informing customers of interest rate changes to their accounts, according to consumer magazine Which? Money. Out of the 12 banks and building societies investigated, only four personally told customers about savings rate changes. Other savings providers, such as HSBC, used adverts in newspapers to notify customers of small cuts and fluctuations but this was only if the rates were cut to more that 0.25 per cent or 0.5 per cent over the course of the year.