SIPPs: New low cost SIPP launched by Liberty SIPP

Posted on October 18th, 2012 | Categories - Pensions, Retirement, SIPPs

Liberty launch the new Liberty ICON SIPPLiberty SIPP has become the latest SIPP provider to launch a low cost SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension)

The Liberty ICON SIPP is in addition to the existing Liberty SIPP and Liberty One SIPP, and is designed to give SIPP investors a low cost and streamlined online option.

Liberty SIPP, based in Bury, Lancashire, currently administer 2,000 SIPPs with funds under management of around £150 million.

Matthew Rankine, Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, Liberty SIPP

Matthew Rankine, Technical Sales & Marketing Manager, Liberty SIPP

Contact Matthew on:

07854 765 782

Commenting on the launch, Matthew Rankine (right) Sales & Marketing Manager of Liberty said: “The new Liberty ICON SIPP is designed for the online SIPP investor and to compete with other ‘slimmed down’ SIPPs currently on the market.”

No initial charge

The charges on the Liberty ICON SIPP can only be described as highly competitive, with no initial charge and just a £95 annual charge.

There are no extra costs for using Income Drawdown or transferring money in from existing SIPPs or Personal Pensions. If money is transferred into the ICON SIPP from an Occupational Pension Scheme, there is a small, £25, charge.

Click here to learn more about the fees and the investments allowed in the Liberty ICON SIPP.

James Brearley & Sons link

To bring such a low charged SIPP to the market Liberty SIPP has teamed up with investment manager and stockbroker, James Brearley & Sons (JBS), who will provide the online platform for investments held within the Liberty ICON SIPP.

The ICON SIPP will allow access to a wide range of investments, including over 2000 collective investment schemes (such as Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts and OEICs),in addition to dealing in  shares, gilts, corporate bonds, and structured products. Therefore providing those clients who wish to trade electronically with the simple and intuitive ability to receive live quotes and trade in the widest possible range of asset classes.

Arnie Laing, Marketing Manager of James Brearley & Sons commented: “Clients will have the ability to access an up to-date valuation of their portfolio. Plus access to a wide range of tools and information, including access to latest market information and news. In addition there is a flexible charting facility, to build a list of stocks clients are interested in and then monitor their price movements. “

This online service also incorporates a nominee service and an interest bearing Cash Settlement Account from JBS.

Our team of Independent Financial Advisers in Nottingham are experienced in advising SIPP investors, if you would like to know more about the new Liberty ICON SIPP call one of our IFAs today on 0115 933 8433, alternatively enquire online or email

4 Responses to “SIPPs: New low cost SIPP launched by Liberty SIPP”

  1. Steve Gebbett says:

    With the new Liberty ICON Sipp, what external cash deposit accounts are allowed on their James Brearley and Sons platform….is it all permitted FSA ones?

    Also what is their interest rate offered on their Cash Settlements account

    Many thanks for your help

    Steve Gebbett

  2. Matthew Rankine (Liberty SIPP) says:

    No, however it is possible to hold term deposits within the service. Given the central business rules of the system, where a client may invest up to the prevailing cash settlement account balance, it is critical that a client’s funds are available to satisfy their intended investments. At this point in time cash is held with the Royal Bank of Scotland and attracts the following rates:-
    0.125%- £500,000 – £999,999
    0.5 on over £1,000,000

  3. Nick Grant says:

    fRankly these rates are insulting so in truth its not £95 per annum is it, have to say it the BOS muts be paying a good commission but not to the benefit of the holder, steer clear I suggest or find a SIPP provider that allows YOU to invest in cash where YOU choose

    0.125%- £500,000 – £999,999
    0.5 on over £1,000,000

  4. Matthew Rankine (Liberty SIPP) says:

    Nick thank you for your comment. Firstly the ICON SIPP is purely a SIPP for trading. Therefore if you were looking to invest in cash, this SIPP wouldn’t be for you. The interest rates above are actually James Brearley & Son’s rates and cash in the clients Liberty SIPP bank account will receive 0.25% above base (100% of the interest given by RBS). Also our other products, the Full & One SIPP, give the client full access to any other bank account that they wish to use and we do not charge them for the pleasure. They can even have more than one and again this incurs no fee.

    If you would like to discuss this any further please contact me on the details above and we can discuss.

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