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Charges are subject to VAT although shown excluding VAT
Initial/Set up feeNone
Annual fee£400

Group discounts

2 - 4 members, £360 per member (10% discount)

5 - 11 members, £300 per member (25% discount)

12+ members, £200 per member (50% discount)
Transfer in feeNone
Transfer out feeNone
In-specie transfer in feeNone
Taking BenefitsFlexi-Access Drawdown:

Payment of regular pension £100 per annum

If no income is taken, no fee will apply. The fee does not apply to payments of Pension Commencement Lump Sums.

Capped Drawdown:

Payment of regular pension £100 per annum

If no income is taken, no fee will apply. The fee does not apply to payments of Pension Commencement Lump Sums.

Uncrystallised funds pension lump sum:

Payment of regular pension £100 per annum

If no income is taken, no fee will apply. The fee does not apply to payments of Pension Commencement Lump Sums.
Annuity purchase feeNone
Payment of death benefits feeNone
Other feesNone


Access: Direct or via IFABoth

Online capability

DetailsMembers are provided with individual online access to the 'SIPP Online' feature via Members can view SIPP balances, valuations and a full transaction history. An online illustration and application facility is available for registered financial advisers.

Permitted Investments

Commercial property
Overseas property
Unit trusts & OEICSAll platforms allowed
External deposit accounts
Overseas listed stock and sharesAll stockbrokers allowed
UK listed stocks and sharesAll stockbrokers allowed
AIM sharesAll stockbrokers allowed
Gilts/corporate bondsAll stockbrokers allowed
ETFsAll stockbrokers allowed
Investment trustsAll stockbrokers allowed
Discretionary managementUnrestricted access
National Savings & Investments
Unlisted shares
Structured products
Trustee Investment Plans
Insurance company funds
Hedge funds
Traded endowment plans
Peer to Peer Lending
Intellectual property
Brands / Trademarks
Third party loans

Property purchase

Purchase feeNone
Sale fee£250 per property - if the property is jointly owned by multiple SIPPs, the fee is split
Annual property administration fee£350 per property

Not levied in the year the property is first purchased, but is an annual fee every year thereafter.

Subsequent properties charged at £150 per year each.
VAT registration feeNone
VAT return feesNone
Other feesIf an independent property manager is appointed to manage the property/land, only the first yearly property fee will be charged with future fees waived whilst the independent manager remains appointed.

SIPP Bank Account

SIPP bank account providerMetro Bank
Current interest rate0.55%


Scheme trusteesInvestAcc Pension Trustees Limited
Scheme administratorInvestAcc Pension Administration Limited

Minimum contributions

Regular paymentsNo minimum
Transfers/Single PremiumsNo minimum
Min additionalNo minimum

Company Information

OwnershipPrivately owned by InvestAcc Group Limited
Year established1992
Funds under management£644 million
Number of SIPPs administeredover 2,919
Defaqto ratingNot available


Accepts DB transfers?Yes, if IFA advised


Flexi-Access Drawdown offeredYes
Uncrystallised Funds Pension Lump SumYes
Scheme Pension offeredNo

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InvestAcc Minerva SIPP

InvestAcc offer both Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) as well as Small Self Administered Schemes (SSAS).

InvestAcc offer  SIPPs –  Minerva SIPP and SIPPLite  to cater for all investor’s needs.

In total InvestAcc administer over 2,900 SIPPs.

The Minerva SIPP is the most flexible SIPP of InvestAcc’s range, allowing investment into a wide range of assets including commercial property, shares, gilts, corporate bonds, discretionary fund managers, external SIPP deposit accounts.

Unusually the InvestAcc Minerva SIPP, which is accessible directly to InvestAcc or via an IFA, has no initial charge and the annual charge is highly competitive. Furthermore there is no initial charge to purchase a property, again an unusual feature.

In common with the Lite SIPP the mandated account is held with Metro Bank which pays interest at 0.55%.

There is no minimum contribution level, for transfers, lump sums or regular payments into the InvestAcc Minerva SIPP.