Phillip Bray Marketing & Relationship Manager with Investment SenseWe are delighted to announce that September will see the launch of SIPP Zone on the Investment Sense website.

We believe SIPP Zone is a truly exciting development for SIPP investors which will become invaluable in the decision making process.

SIPPs are becoming more and more popular with our clients. The Best Buy Table for ‘SIPPable’ deposit accounts is one of the most popular pages on our website and we wanted to take the idea behind this page, that more information leads to better financial decisions, and apply it to the SIPPs themselves.

So, first things first, what is SIPP Zone?

The internet is a great place; there is almost nothing you can’t find out, but we have felt for some time that there is a lack of easily accessible information on SIPPs. For example where can you compare the charging structure or investment flexibility of a range of SIPPs?  Where can you find a list of SIPPs which offer say Flexible Drawdown, or allow you to buy property or a specific investment?

We’ve certainly not found such a site and we believe that in this day and age consumers want more financial information.

SIPP Zone will address both these issues; it will contain comprehensive information, including charging structures, allowable investments plus other functionality on wide a range of SIPPs, including plans available via IFAs and direct to consumer offerings.

We will also provide visitors to the website with the facility to narrow down the search for the ideal SIPP. Do you want to know which SIPP providers will offer Flexible Drawdown, allow property purchase or will accept National Savings products?

You will be able to find all this and more on SIPP Zone.

How much will it cost to access SIPP Zone?

The simple answer is nothing; you won’t even need to register on the site to access the information.

I’ve already said we believe more information leads to better financial decisions, and we want to help as many people as possible to make good decisions, which is why we are making this part of our website, like all others, free to use and easy to access.

Why we are doing it?

Simply because we like doing things others don’t do.

Our Best Buy Table for ‘SIPPable’ deposit accounts has proved to be extremely popular, we want to achieve the same thing with the additional information we will be publishing.

Some people will be concerned we are giving away ‘trade secrets’, indeed we may be criticised by some quarters.

Do we care? Frankly, no. We still believe in the value of independent advice, especially when making an important financial decision like which SIPP is right for you, indeed many SIPP transactions are complex and independent advice can be invaluable. But we also believe in making people’s lives easier, for SIPP investors and those people thinking about taking out at SIPP the launch of SIPP Zone will certainly do that.

Of course if you need help or advice our team of experienced and highly knowledgeable advisers are here to help you.

Moving forward

The launch of SIPP Zone is just the start of an ongoing project to provide a central hub of information useful to all SIPP investors, whether they use an IFA or go directly to the SIPP provider.

Over time we will be working with SIPP providers to increase the amount of information we carry, all with one thing in mind, giving you more information will lead to better financial decisions.

We also plan to allow SIPP consumers and IFAs to rate SIPPs, we want to hear what the users of these products think about them, not what awards have been won.

We would love to know more about what you think, please email your comments and any ideas of features you would like to see added to SIPP Zone to me at

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