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iStock_000012314009_ExtraSmall Annuities: Why you need to tell your Annuity adviser everything!

When you come to retire and buy an Annuity, it really is no time to be shy. The more you tell your Annuity adviser, the higher the income you will get in retirement. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out why.

iStock_000007329749XSmall Savings: Is the price to beat inflation worth paying?

Savers are desperate to find inflation beating accounts. Some are available, but do they offer a good deal? Is beating inflation worth the sacrifices you will have to make? Read on for the answers.

Untitled Ros Altman on retirement and why everyone needs advice

We are delighted to have been able to interview the ex-Government adviser and pension campaigner Ros Altmann. Her views on Annuities & retirement are not to be missed.

iStock_000016454287_ExtraSmall Long Term Care: 7 myths & the reality

Paying for care in old age is never far from the headlines. In this article we debunk seven urban myths which have grown over the past years. Read on to discover the truth!

iStock_000017929895_ExtraSmall SIPPs: Government rules out residential property in SIPPs

Those people hoping that residential property might be allowed in SIPPs have been dealt with a blow following a Government announcement this week.

iStock_000024336538_ExtraSmall Pensions: Labour to “restrict pensions tax-relief”

Tax-relief is the main incentive for paying into a pension. It was revealed this week Labour plan to restrict the amount available. How will you be affected?