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 Autumn Statement 2012 Winners & Losers_istock New state pension proposals: Are you a winner or loser?

The government has finally revealed plans for a flat rate State Pension. Starting from April 2017, find out how the changes will affect you

 Small Beginnings How to cope with the cost of raising a family: 6 hints & tips

New research has shown that it costs over £200,000 to raise a child. That’s a huge amount of money, read our hints & tips to make life easier

 FSA warns on overseas property investments FSA warns on overseas property investments

The FSA has issued a warning about the problems with certain investments. Read on to learn more about the dangers that lurk in the world of unregulated investing

 Available now stamp Income Drawdown: Higher income now available, but should you take it?

Income Drawdown investors will be able to take more income from their plans from March onwards. Should you take the extra income? Read on to find out more

 Investment Sense extends best buy tables to include business deposit accounts Investment Sense extends best buy tables to include business deposit accounts

Interest rates on business current accounts are generally dire, make the money in your business work harder by using other business savings accounts

 wrong or right ethical question The flat rate State Pension, good news or an opportunity missed?

Could the government have gone further in reforming the State Pension and done more to help existing pensioners struggling to make ends meet?