The information we include on our website, especially relating to SIPPs and SIPP deposit accounts, is getting more and more visits from IFAs.

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Why are IFA visits important to us?

Simply put IFA visits are valuable to us as they increase the number of enquiries our partners receive.

It’s great when we generate an enquiry from a DIY investor for a SIPP provider or a SIPP deposit taker; however an enquiry from an IFA could be so much more valuable to you.

What are we doing to encourage IFAs to use SIPP Zone?

We already use social media and industry forums to signpost IFAs to our website; however we want to do more and make sure that as many of the UK’s IFA population are aware that SIPP Zone exists, what it includes and how they can use it.

We therefore thought we’d take our message directly to advisers and have arranged three email broadcasts to a total of 22,000 IFAs.

The broadcasts, which will total 66,000 emails, will be sent at the end of February, March and April.

Each broadcast will highlight a different area of SIPP Zone, and encourage long term usage of the information on the site. Our partners, especially those with Enhanced Listings, will benefit from increased traffic to their pages, which in turn will promote additional enquiries from IFAs.

The proposal

To help meet the cost of this project we are offering our partners three banner advert slots on each broadcast. The benefits of taking such an advert are clear:

  • Directly reach 22,000 IFAs
  • The banner advert can be integrated with any campaigns you are currently running, perhaps to promote a rebranding, your latest seminars or a new product launch
  • You will be provided with management information to allow more effective follow up of those IFAs who click your advert
  • Amazingly cost effective way of reaching a large number of IFAs

The cost of taking an individual banner advert will be £350.

Next steps

We have already received great feedback for this proposal and have no doubt that the available adverts will be taken up quickly.

If you would like to reserve your place, simply send an email to confirming which broadcast you would like to take part in and we can organise the rest from there.

Of course if you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. Our Marketing Manager, Phil Bray, can be reached on 0115 933 8433 or on the email address given above.