We hope you will agree that SIPP Zone has got off to a great start; the feedback has been tremendous from prospects, clients, IFAs and leading industry figures.

SIPP Zone is of course still in its infancy, if we are to achieve our aim of becoming the “go to place” for investors and IFAs for SIPP information then we have to continue developing and offering increased functionality to make the lives of our clients, DIY investors and IFAs easier.

We thought we’d briefly highlight a few of our plans for the first half of 2012, with more details to be announced as we reach the launch date for each initiative.

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IFA e-broadcasts

We are pleased to have found more and more IFAs using the information contained on SIPP Zone.

The feedback we have had from SIPP providers and SIPP deposit takers is that  interaction with an IFA who has used SIPP Zone can be incredibly valuable. So, after taking this on board we have decided to do more to encourage IFAs to use the site.

We will be sending an IFA e-broadcast in the form of 22,000 emails at the end of February, March and April; 66,000 emails will be sent in total.

We will of course follow up this campaign with further emails based on the management information we receive from the company we have contracted to send this broadcast.

We are offering our partners the opportunity to sponsor these broadcasts; the cost of a sponsorship slot will be just £350, which we hope you will agree is very reasonable for such a large targeted mailing.


We do not believe the most important factor in choosing a SIPP is price.

In our opinion the most important factor is functionality, after all a cheap SIPP which doesn’t do what you want it to isn’t much use.

We want to help both investors and IFAs make the right decisions, which is why we will launch our SIPP Tool in March. The tool will allow the investor or IFA to answer a number of filtering questions which will then produce a list, based on our database of information, of SIPPs which meet the criteria.

The SIPP Tool will be useful to DIY investors and IFAs alike and allow a cross referencing of requirements to narrow down the choice before charges are considered.

We believe this is a massive step forward for SIPP Zone, we cannot find any of site on the web offering the same functionality for free, and not only will it increase visits to the site it will help promote further the SIPPs we feature.

SIPP Ratings

We believe that the best people to rate SIPPs are the end user, namely the investor or the IFA.

Towards the end of the second quarter of 2012 we be launching a new section of our site which will allow both investors and IFAs to rate SIPP based on a number of criteria.

Feedback will of course be closely moderated and our aim is to promote high quality SIPP providers and encourage debate and interaction amongst SIPP investors.

We will announce more information about this initiative in due course, although it is safe to say we are extremely excited about this development.

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SEO and social media

We don’t subscribe to the theory that “if we build it they will come”, we are very aware that we need to promote SIPP Zone to our target markets to ensure that they visit the site on a regular basis.

SEO is at the core of our marketing strategy to drive the right type of visitor to the key pages on our site. During 2012 we will continue to increase our activity in this area to drive traffic numbers forward, and provide an even better return on our investment for our partners.

We also use social media, particularly LinkedIn and Twitter, to signpost visitors to our site, during the next few months this will extend to Facebook and You Tube.

A busy year!

As you can see 2012 will be a busy year for us, increased functionality and wider promotion will benefit us all; more leads for our advisory team and more traffic to our partners from advisers.

It will be an exciting year for us all and we look forward to working with you and sharing the journey.