If you take a quick tour around SIPP Zone it won’t escape your attention that some SIPP providers and SIPP deposit takers have taken us up on our Enhanced Listing proposal.

For those of you we have not yet spoken to about our Enhanced Listing proposal, or as a gentle reminder for others, we thought we would explain a little more about Enhanced Listings, what they are and the key benefits.

First things first though, what is SIPP Zone?

SIPP Zone is an online portal for SIPP information, including:

  • SIPP Tables  Giving in-depth information on the charging structure and investment flexibility on a wide range of SIPPs
  • Help choosing your SIPP A range of lists showing who does what, making it easier for SIPP consumers to choose the right SIPP
  • Deposit accounts for SIPPs A comprehensive best buy table for ‘SIPPable’ deposit accounts
  • Case Studies  SIPP consumers will be able to see how a SIPP can help them through real life and example case studies
  • Technical Information  All the consumer needs to know about SIPPs

2012 will see major developments with, amongst other things, a SIPP tool launched to help users narrow down their choice of SIPP and large IFA broadcasts to promote use of SIPP Zone.

“As far as I’m aware, it’s the most exhaustive price comparison of its kind.”

David Stevenson The Financial Times September 2011

Who is SIPP Zone aimed at?

SIPP Zone is used by three distinct groups:

  • DIY investors, to help them make better financial decisions
  • Visitors with an interest in SIPPs who are looking for independent financial advice
  • Independent Financial Advisers

What is an Enhanced Listing?

Simply put an Enhanced Listing differentiates you from your competitors, the Enhanced Listing includes:

  • Your branding included on your dedicated page
  • For SIPP deposit takers a specific landing page with your company information
  • Contact details added to your basic listing
  • Link back to your website or a landing page of your choice
  • Links to your social media channels
  • Inclusion of your application forms, brochures, key features documents etc or links to the forms on your website
  • Improved access to our team of advisers with time to present at our team meetings
  • Inclusion of comments or quotes in our SIPP related blogs and articles with appropriate recognition and links back to your website or landing pages
  • Promotion of any SIPP related blogs you produce

Why take an Enhanced Listing?

The benefits of an Enhanced Listing can be summarised as follows:

  • Differentiation from your competitors; early indications are that those providers with an Enhanced Listing are receiving more traffic than those without
  • In many cases the Investment Sense website has a higher Google Page Rank than the provider site. Links from a website with a Page Rank higher than your own is known to help search engine rankings
  • A link from our website to yours will encourage visitors to find out more about your product and provides an easy navigation path
  • Adding your documents will set your SIPP apart from your peers, who have not taken an Enhanced Listing, whilst making it easier for investors and IFAs to do business with you
  • The use of blogs is an excellent way to get your message to a receptive audience, which you may not otherwise be able to reach

If you do not currently have an Enhanced Listing and would like to learn more about the benefits and cost, please contact our Marketing Manager, Phil Bray, on 0115 933 8433 or email info@investmentsense.co.uk