Reregistration offer

Reregister your holdings to our platform, provided by Fidelity Fundsnetwork, before the end of April and we will pay you £50 on completion of the process.

This offer applies to you individually, for example if a husband and wife reregister their holdings a payment of £50 each will be made.

What is reregistration?

Would you like an easier way to look after your investments, which also gives you greater control over your portfolio?

All you have to do is consolidate your funds on the Investment Sense platform, provided by Fidelity FundsNetwork.

It involves a very simple and straightforward process, which we call “reregistration” and it can be done for around 60 investment houses.

See a full list here

It brings the administration of your funds together, while your money remains invested exactly where it is, with no time out of the market and gives you access to a great range of benefits:

One Statement

It doesn’t matter how many funds or investment managers you have chosen you will see all of your investments on one statement each year.

Not only does this cut down on paperwork, it means you will get a clear picture of your fund portfolio, as all the valuations will be taken on the same day.

You will also receive a statement for your funds outside an ISA and you will receive a consolidated tax summary that can help you fill out your tax return.

One Website

You can access the valuation of your investment on line, where you will also find useful tools to assess the performance of the funds that you hold.

One Account

Once your funds have been consolidated you will have one account to manage, making it much easier to make changes to your portfolio and to measure performance.

This covers everything from buying, selling and cost-effective switching of funds to simply updating your address after you have moved house.

No cost

It costs nothing to reregister your assets and the Annual Management Charges made by the funds are identical to investing directly.

If you want to take advantage of these great benefits by reregistering your funds to the Investment Sense platform, provided to by Fidelity FundsNetwork it is as simple as filling out a couple of forms.

It couldn’t be eaiser

These can be found by clicking here.

The forms should be sent to us at Reregistrations, Investment Sense, Lace Market House, 54 – 56 High Pavement, Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1HW

We can then start the reregistration process that will enable them to be moved onto the Platform.

You don’t have to contact your current investment companies, as we willlook after the whole process for you, and it won’t cost you a penny.

Remember, your money stays exactly where it is which offers several key benefits:

  • You keep your ISA investments inside the ISA wrapper, so you retain all the valuable tax benefits
  • You won’t be “out of the market” at any point, which means you won’t miss out on potential market rises as you could with a fund transfer
  • You won’t trigger any exposure to capital gains tax, even for investments held outside an ISA

Should you have any questions about reregistration please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 074 7778, we are here to help.