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Other Cash ISAs

Four-Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA

ISAs have been a popular option for savers since they were introduced over 15 years ago.

Any interest paid to you by a Cash ISA is not taxable, allowing your savings to grow more quickly than if they were held in a normal savings account.

You have an ISA allowance each tax year for new investments. You can also transfer more in to a Cash ISA from an existing Stocks & Shares ISA, something not previously allowed.

It is also possible to transfer ISAs from previous years from one bank or building society to another, doing so might get you a better rate of interest and will not affect the amount you can pay into an ISA in the current tax-year.

A four-year Fixed Rate Cash ISA will tie up your savings for a long period of time, during which you will have no access to your capital. You should therefore make sure you have access to other funds and also be careful not to tie up your savings at a time when interest rates are low but nevertheless expected to rise.