Regular Saver ISA Issue 1
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Gross Interest Rate3.75% including bonus of 2.75%
AER3.75% including bonus of 2.75%


Method of opening accountBranch, Post
Minimum age of account holder16
Minimum depositThe minimum monthly credit is £25 and the monthly maximum credit is £425.
Maximum deposit£5,100 in a tax year.  Maximum ongoing balance £20,000
Contact details for opening0845 725 2423
Go to Stroud & Swindon Building Society Website
Stroud & Swindon Direct, PO Box 148, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 3YL


Frequency interest paidAnnually
Interest fixed untilVariable
Details of any bonus rates2.75% - £25 - £425 must be deposited per calendar month by bank transfer to qualify for the bonus. If your total monthly deposit is less than £25 or more than £425 in a calendar month you will not recieve the bonus in that account year.
Minimum ongoing balance£25 - If the account balance falls below £25 then the Society reserves the right either to close the account or to pay an interest rate equivalent to the lowest tier on the Society's Classic Gold account
Compound interest or paid into separate accountBoth but if the balance falls below £25, interest can only be added to the account.

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedYes but only 1 withdrawal per year. If more than 1 withdrawal is made per account year, you will not receive a bonus for that account year
How withdrawals are madeBranch, Post
Early access penaltiesPenalties apply if more than 1 withdrawal per year
Notice requiredNone