Rothschild Reserve 5 Year Fixed Rate Bank Deposit
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Gross Interest Rate4.60%


Method of opening accountPost
Minimum age of account holder18
Minimum deposit£20,000
Maximum deposit£200,000,000
Contact details for opening0800 077 8555
Go to Rothschild Reserve Website
Freepost RSBH-HBTB-GCYU, Rothschild Reserve, PO Box 78555, London EC4P 4FG


Frequency interest paidInterest is paid annually with the first payment being on 1st September 2011 or interest is paid monthly with the first payment on 1st November 2010.
Interest fixed until01/09/2015
Details of any bonus ratesN/A
Minimum ongoing balance£20,000
Compound interest or paid into separate accountPaid into a bank account

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedNo
How withdrawals are madeN/A
Early access penaltiesN/A
Notice requiredN/A