Manchester Building Society Premier ISA
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Gross Interest Rate3.01% including bonus
AER3.01% including bonus


Method of opening accountBranch, Post
Minimum age of account holder18
Minimum deposit£1,000
Maximum deposit£5,340 per tax year but unlimited ongoing balance
Contact details for opening0161 923 8065
Go to Manchester Building Society Website
Manchester Building Society, Savings, PO Box 4256, Manchester, M60 3AX


Frequency interest paidAnnually on 31st March
Interest fixed untilVariable
Details of any bonus rates1.00% for 14 months
Minimum ongoing balance£1,000
Compound interest or paid into separate accountApplied to account

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedNo
How withdrawals are madeBranch, Post
Early access penaltiesYes
Notice required60 days