krbs Easy Access Cash ISA
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Gross Interest Rate3.01% including bonus
AER3.01% including bonus


Method of opening accountInternet, Branch, Post
Minimum age of account holder16
Minimum deposit£1 for annual interest, £5,000 for monthly interest
Maximum deposit£5,340 per tax year but unlimited ongoing balance
Contact details for opening0845 122 0022
Go to krbs Website
krbs, Reliance House, Sun Pier, Chatham, Kent, ME4 4ET


Frequency interest paidAnnually, a monthly option is also available at a slightly reduced rate
Interest fixed untilVariable
Details of any bonus rates2.50% for 12 months
Minimum ongoing balance£1
Compound interest or paid into separate accountApplied to account

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedNo
How withdrawals are madeBranch, Post
Early access penaltiesNo
Notice requiredNo