Ipswich Building Society
Monthly Saver ISA
Issue 3
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Gross Interest Rate2.00%
Note: This account is only available to existing members or new applicants in postcode areas IP, NR, CO,CM, CB or PE.
AERAs above


Method of opening accountBranch, Post
Minimum age of account holder16
Minimum deposit£10
Save between £10 - £1,666.66 a month
Maximum depositThe maximum amount you can contribute to an ISA is £20,000 for tax year 2019/2020, all of which can be held in a Cash ISA
Contact details for opening0330 123 0723
Go to Ipswich Building Society Website
Ipswich Building Society, PO Box 547, Ipswich, Suffolk. IP3 9WZ


Frequency interest paidAnnually
Interest fixed until05/04/2021
Details of any bonus ratesN/A
Minimum ongoing balance£10
Compound interest or paid into separate accountApplied to account

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedNo
How withdrawals are madeN/A
Early access penaltiesN/A
Notice requiredN/A