Furness Building Society
Cash ISA 90 Issue 2
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Gross Interest Rate1.60% - £9,001 +
1.50% - £3,001 - £9,000
1.40% - £1,000 - £3,000
AERAs above


Method of opening accountBranch, Post
Minimum age of account holder16
Minimum deposit£9,001 for 1.60% but account can be opened with £1,000
Maximum depositThe maximum amount you can contribute to an ISA is now £15,000 per tax-year, all of which can be held in a Cash ISA
Contact details for opening0800 834 312
Go to Furness Building Society Website
Contact local branch


Frequency interest paidAnnually
Interest fixed untilVariable
Details of any bonus ratesN/A
Minimum ongoing balance£1,000
Compound interest or paid into separate accountBoth

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedYes
How withdrawals are madeBranch, Post
Early access penaltiesYes
Notice required90 days