Egg Savings Account (Internet) Issue 2
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Gross Interest Rate2.80% - including bonus
AER2.80% - including bonus


Method of opening accountInternet
Minimum age of account holder16
Minimum deposit£1
Maximum deposit£1,000,000 - No interest paid on balances over £1 million for the first 12 months
Contact details for opening08451 233 233
Go to Egg Bank Website
Egg Savings, Riverside Road, Pride Park, Derby, DE99 3GG


Frequency interest paidAnnually
Interest fixed untilVariable
Details of any bonus rates2.30% for the first 12 months
Minimum ongoing balance£1
Compound interest or paid into separate accountBoth

Closing/Accessing funds

Withdrawals allowedYes
How withdrawals are madeInternet
Early access penaltiesNo
Notice requiredNone