Flexible ISA 2
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Gross Interest Rate 3.20% – This account is only available to those who have their primary bank account with Alliance & Leicester or those who open a new primary bank account with Alliance & Leicester through the switching service. Criteria to qualify as a primary bank account are a minimum monthly deposit of £1,000 and at least 2 direct debits or standing orders set up on the account
AER 3.20%
Method of opening account Internet, Telephone, Branch
Minimum age of account holder 16
Minimum deposit £1
Maximum deposit £5,100
Contact details for opening 0844 800 9000
Go to Alliance & Leicester Website
Alliance & Leicester plc, Customer Service Centre, Carlton Park, Narborough, Leicester, LE19 0AL
Frequency interest paid Annually
Interest fixed until Variable
Details of any bonus rates
The interest rate is guaranteed to track the base rate by 2.70% for 12 months from account opening. Guaranteed minimum rate of 3.20% AER for 12 months 
Minimum ongoing balance £1
Compound interest or paid into separate account Applied to account
Closing/Accessing funds
Withdrawals allowed Yes
How withdrawals are made Internet, Branch, Telephone
Early access penalties No
Notice required No