The Investment Sense team of Independent Financial Advisers in NottinghamWe want to prove the quality of our advice and that an Investment Sense adviser is the right choice for you.

During these early conversations, which could take place at a face to face meeting or over the phone, whichever suits you best, your adviser will get to know more about you and your financial objectives. Your adviser will also spend time discussing with you possible solutions to your problems and objectives and outline in more detail how the advice process works, including likely costs.

At this stage should you decide not to move things forward with us, we guarantee you will not be charged.

We firmly believe that this approach will allow you to decide, without cost or obligation, whether an Investment Sense adviser is right for you.

The advice process

Depending on the advice you need we can work with clients on a face to face basis or over the telephone.

The more complex the advice the more valuable a face to face meeting is with your adviser, however, for some less complicated matters, other methods of communication can work just as effectively.

Whether we are working face to face or via the telephone we typically follow a process such as this:

5 Steps Advice

Our Advisers

As you would expect, all our advisers are highly qualified and they all specialise in specific areas such as:

  • Retirement planning including Annuities, Enhanced Annuities and Income Drawdown
  • Self-Invested Personal Pensions
  • Mortgages
  • Investment planning
  • Automatic Enrolment

We expect and encourage all our advisers to keep up to date with latest changes which affect the finances of our clients and also continue with their professional development.

However, our experience is not just demonstrated via academic qualifications, but through years of working with a wide variety of clients, understanding, their needs and putting in place the right solution.

Our aims

The aims of Investment Sense are very simple:

  • To understand your financial objectives and aspirations
  • To provide you with the best possible advice to help you achieve your objectives and aspirations
  • To work with you to implement and where necessary review, a comprehensive plan of action

And remember

  • We are Independent, we can recommend any solution or product from any provider
  • We offer our clients a range of options to pay our fees
  • We have advisers who can help you with a wide range of financial issues

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