Whether you require advice on one specific area or a full financial review we are here to help you.

Your adviser will spend time discussing your requirements, allowing us to understand exactly what you are want to achieve. Only then will we make our recommendations to you.

Where it is appropriate, your adviser will agree with you a program for regularly reviewing your financial affairs, ensuring that you are on track to meet your goals.

What areas do we specialise in?

Retirement income options

Whether you have reached your planned retirement age, would like to retire early or simply find out if you can afford to stop working, our retirement experts will guide you through the range of options available to you.

Our Independent Financial Advisers will consider all options available to you, including Annuity, Enhanced Annuity, Investment and Fixed Term Annuities, Phased Retirement, Income Drawdown and Flexible Drawdown, to make sure you choose the right option for you.

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Self-invested pensions

Many people want more flexibility with their retirement planning and are attracted to the wider range of investment options offered by a self-invested pension.

Perhaps you run a business and you want to buy your own premises, or you are a property investor looking to expand your portfolio, a self-invested pension can help. Alternatively you might be interested in how you pension can help your business or you simply want a wider range of investment options, which are not acceptable to your existing pension provider.

Our experts can recommend whether a SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) or SSAS (Small Self-Administered Scheme) is right for you, recommend the right provider and then handle the process of setting up the scheme.

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Automatic Enrolment

All employers will have to meet their Automatic Enrolment obligations by 2018 at the very latest; for most firms their deadline for compliance is much sooner.

We are here to help business owners understand their obligations, review any existing pension schemes they run and then put in place a comprehensive plan to ensure compliance.

Everything you need to know about Automatic Enrolment

Protection Planning

If you have children or other financial dependents there are few areas of your financial planning than ensuring they are financially looked after if you die or become ill.

Whether your need is for Life Cover, Critical Illness Cover or Income Replacement our advisers will take time to explain the options available so you can make an informed decision about the cover you select.

We are independent so we can source the best quality contracts to ensure that you and your family are protected should the worst happen.

Pension planning

Constant changes to pension rules make this area confusing and let’s face it, very few people find pensions interesting, despite the importance of making provision for our retirement.

We will help to make sense of your pensions.

We’ll start by analysing your existing pension plans, and then we’ll look at their performance and how much you are being charged. Once we’ve done that we’ll tell you what they might be worth in the future and advise you on your options for dealing with any shortfall.

For those with more complex requirements we have advisers who are experienced in dealing with self-invested pensions (SIPPs and SSASs) as well as Occupational Pension Schemes.

Investment planning

With stock markets volatile and interest rates at an all-time low, investing money to make a real return is not easy.

We will review existing arrangements, taking into account performance, charges, tax efficiency, and your goals, and then offer our advice to make your money work harder for you.

We offer a range of investment options to deal with all types of investors, from those who want to take no risk with their capital whatsoever, to the more adventurous investor, who is prepared to rake more risk.

Taxation Advice

In these times of low interest rates reducing the tax you pay has never been more important.

We will review your financial affairs, including your existing investments, to ensure they are as tax efficient as possible, considering how you can minimise income and capital gains tax, and make your money works harder for you.

School fees and university planning

We will guide you through this area, listening to the aspirations you have for your children, calculating the cost of meeting these goals and then putting in place a plan to ensure funding is there when needed.

Paying for care

The number of people needing care later in life is on the increase and despite changes introduced by the Government many people will still have to pay towards the cost of their care.

If you, your parents or a family member need care, our highly qualified and experienced experts can help you to understand the options they have to pay the fees, whilst trying to preserve as much of their wealth as possible for future generations.

Everything you need to know about paying for care

Estate Planning

Ensuring that your estate is passed to beneficiaries in accordance with your wishes, and with as little Inheritance Tax paid as possible is important to many people.

We will work with your Solicitor, or indeed recommend a legal adviser should you not have one, to review existing arrangements and suggest any alternatives to help reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax paid by your beneficiaries on your death.

The all-important small print

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) does not regulate tax-planning or estate planning.