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Month Headlines
August 2014
  • 600,000 people set to raid their pensions, 7 reasons why they should be careful
  • ISAs: rates slashed, where can you find the best deals? Here’s our top six
  • Why delaying your Annuity purchase by only two years could take 40 years to make up
  • Two new ways to access your pension. How will they work? Will you qualify?
  • Why now is a heavenly time to be a buy to let investor
  • Planning to retire overseas? We reveal the top 10 destinations
July 2014
  • Which way now for Annuity rates? We ask the experts
  • Revealed, the mistake 50% of savers make
  • Future of pension tax-free lump sum revealed
  • Should savers be tempted by Peer to Peer lending
  • Savers are missing out, 6 top tips to get a better interest rate
  • Easier access to small pension pots beckons
June 2014
  • Interest rates to rise soon? Keep your options open with these five savings accounts
  • Are you missing out on your share of £225 million
  • Income now and flexibility for the future. How does the latest Annuity product shape up?
  • Two jackpots a month from August, should you be buying Premium Bonds?
  • 5 ways to maximise your Buy to Let returns
  • The ‘nicer’ ISA is coming soon, 6 reasons you can’t afford to miss
May 2014
  • When should you take the tax-free lump sum from your pension?
  • 5 Cash ISA deals we really like
  • We’re in the Guardian, what did the readers make of our comments?
  • A warning about the ‘nicer’ ISA
  • Your pension is changing: Our guest blog for Save our Savers
  • Is a one year Fixed Term Annuity right for you?
April 2014
  • One off chance to top-up your State Pension, but is it a good deal?
  • 6 times when an Annuity is still the right answer
  • 5 ways to take advantage of the new ISA rules
  • Retire now but still benefit from the new pension rules
  • “Two out of three ain’t bad” – good news for savers as inflation falls
  • 8 ways you can take advantage of new pension rules
March 2014
  • Thinking of transferring your SIPP? 7 things you must consider
  • 6 top tips for the end of the tax-year
  • When does a SSAS make more sense than a SIPP?
  • Labour to cut pension tax-relief for highest earners
  • If your Annuity broker doesn’t ask these questions, it’s time to change
  • Warning for savers as interest rates predicted to rise six fold
  • Lost your Child Benefit? Learn how to reclaim it
  • Why President Putin could seriously damage your retirement income
  • Why 75 is a crucial age for you and your pension
Budget Special
  • Budget 2014: The headlines
  • We’re here to help: Contact us
February 2014
  • Protecting your children from financial catastrophe – the excuses & the reality
  • Buy to let or pension, which is best?
  • Annuities: Myths, misconceptions & mistakes
  • Don’t miss the six month window to top up your State Pension
  • Savings: Where can you find the best cash ISA deals?
  • Six easy ways to spot (and avoid!) a financial scam
  • Buying a property in a SIPP: The advantages & disadvantages
  • 7 unusual ways to qualify for an Enhanced Annuity
  • Bank of Ireland pull out of SIPP deposit account market
  • 6 easy ways to spot (and avoid!) a financial scam
January 2014
  • SIPPs: Hopes and fears for 2014
  • Where now for SIPP deposit accounts?
  • SIPP & SSAS property purchase making a comeback
  • Our financial wish-list for 2014
  • 5 tips if you have multiple pensions
  • 12 things you will have to do yourself if you don’t use an IFA to arrange your Annuity
  • Formula for a happy retirement revealed
  • SIPP & SSAS property purchase making a comeback
  • Cameron vows to protect the State Pension triple lock
  • Q&A: Everything you need to know about paying for care in old age
Autumn Statement Special
  • Autumn Statement 2013: The headlines
  • Autumn Statement 2013: Winners & Losers
  • Reaction: Who said what?
  • What the papers said
 November 2013
  • Still working? 5 lessons we can learn from Channel 4’s Dispatches
  • Q&A: Everything employers need to know about Auto Enrolment
  • Retirement: When the right answer is to do nothing at all
  • SIPPs: Liberty launch new simple SIPP
  • Number of people paying Inheritance Tax set to double, are you one of them
  • Tie up your savings for 10 years? No thanks here’s 5 alternatives
 Autumn Statement 2013
  • Autumn Statement 2013: The headlines
  • Autumn Statement 2013: Winners & Losers
  • Reaction: Who said what
  • What the papers said
 October 2013
  • Calling all business owners, how will Automatic Enrolment affect you?
  • 30 million people don’t have a Will, time to put it right?
  • Savings: 6 tricks from savvy savers to avoid ‘zombie’ savings accounts
  • Are SIPP cash investors treated as second class savers?
  • Equity release to buy Christmas presents? No thank-you
  • Guest blog: Active Living in Retirement
September 2013
  • Annuities: Why you need to tell your Annuity adviser everything!
  • Savings: Is the price to beat inflation worth paying?
  • Ros Altman  on retirement and why everyone needs advice
  • Long Term Care: 7 myths & the reality
  • SIPPs: Government rules out residential property in SIPPs
  • Pensions: Labour to “restrict pensions tax-relief”
August 2013
  • Using property as a pension, the pros and cons
  • Pensions: The press, the myths & the reality
  • Our brush with a pension liberator & 7 tips on how to avoid them
  • A new bank offers deposit accounts for SIPPs
  • Protect yourself from the three hidden risks of buying an Annuity
  • Seminars: Retirement planning & transition
July 2013
  • As Annuity rates pick up, should your defer your Annuity purchase or buy now?
  • Average 30 year old needs to save £824 per month into a pension, or do they?
  • Managing the transition from work to retirement, 7 great tips
  • Interest rate cut on Premium Bonds, what are the alternatives?
  • If you die or get ill, how long before the money runs out?
  • InvestAcc reduce initial charge on their SIPP Lite product
June 2013
  • Close to retirement? Avoid sleepless nights over tabloid scare stories
  • Discover how you can invest in residential property via your SIPP
  • Should the rules be changed to give you early access to your pension?
  • Fed up of greedy Annuity providers? There are other options
  • 6 hints and tips to help your children onto the housing ladder
  • How to use your pension to solve your Inheritance Tax Problem
May 2013
  • 9 questions to ask your Annuity adviser
  • 12 things everyone should know about their SIPP
  • What happens to my pension when I die?
  • Metro Bank launches SIPP deposit accounts
  • Pension cash predators, 7 ways to avoid being scammed
  • Is peer to peer lending the answer to beating inflation?
April 2013
  • Approaching retirement? Avoid the biggest mistake of your life
  • New rules force SIPP providers to disclose interest rate take
  • More misery for savers, as interest rates are set to fall
  • Annuities: Where now for annuity rates?
  • Exposing the myth of ‘SIPP approved’ investments
  • The four D’s of joint property purchase
March 2013
  • 6 jobs to take care of before the end of the tax year
  • Investment Sense launches SIPP Chat
  • Investment Sense discussing SIPP deposit accounts in the Telegraph newspaper last weekend
  • 7 lessons all investors can learn from the problems with Harlequin Property
  • Flexible Drawdown? Three things to do before the end of the tax year
  • In the Spotlight: David Fox from Dentons, self invested pension specialists

Budget Special Edition

  • Budget 2013: The headlines
  • Budget 2013: Winners & Losers
  • Reaction: Who said what?
  • What the papers said
February 2013
  • Annuity rates fall, Income Drawdown limits up, time to consider your options?
  • SIPP deposit accounts and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme?
  • Guest Blog: Income Drawdown 120% more flexible, 100% easier
  • Savings: Inflation to rise, interest rates to fall, what are your options?
  • Q&A: Everything you need to know about the changes to social care
  • Two alternatives to traditional savings accounts, should you be tempted?
January 2013
  • New state pension proposals: Are you a winner or loser?
  • How to cope with the cost of raising a family: 6 hints & tips
  • FSA warns oversea property investments
  • Income Drawdown: High income now available, but should you take it?
  • Investment Sense extends best buy tables to include business deposit accounts
  • The flat rate State Pension, good news or a missed opportunity
December 2012
  • Why are interest rates falling so quickly?
  • The financial lessons we’ve learnt in 2012
  • Everything you need to know about deferring your State Pension
  • Annuities: Advised or non-advised, what’s in a label?
  • High definition illustration of retirement
  • How will the Autumn Statement affect your pension?
Autumn Statement
  • The headlines
  • Winners & Losers
  • Reaction: Who said what?
  • What the papers said
November 2012
  • Buying an Annuity? 7 mistakes to avoid
  • Rescue your savings from falling interest rates
  • 7 ways to stop inflation attacking your finances
  • How will the Retail Distribution Review affect you?
  • Talking ’bout my generation? Financial tips for fortysomethings
  • SIPP deposit accounts, risers, fallers and new entries
October 2012
  • 6 Pension Myths exposed
  • Is it worth buying an RPI linked Annuity
  • New low cost SIPP launched by Liberty SIPP
  • Investment Sense extends our SIPP tables
  • Talking ’bout my generation? Financial tips for thirtysomethings
  • How to help you children get onto the housing ladder
September 2012
  • Should you believe your adviser when they tell you to buy an Annuity now?
  • A new option for SIPP deposit account investors
  • Scheme Pension, an alternative to an Annuity or Income Drawdown?
  • Guest blog: 8 tips for managing your business’s cashflow
  • Talking ’bout my generation? Financial tips for twentysomethings
  • Retirement: 5 Alternatives to pensions
August 2012
  • 5 scams and bad advice that can seriously damage your pension
  • Buying an Annuity soon? Why 21/12/2012 is crucial date
  • Single, married children? What personal insurance do you need?
  • Financial makeover: 6 tips for your personal finances
  • Avoid the mistakes 45% of SIPP owners are making
  • In the Spotlight: Leeds Building Society
July 2012
  • Clients of IFAs enjoy better retirement incomes
  • When should you buy an Annuity? Now, or wait?
  • 6 financial tips for parents, by Bev Stoves of Investment Sense
  • 6 financial tips for grand parents
  • SIPP deposit accounts: Climbers, fallers & new entries
  • New low cost SIPP launched by InvestAcc
June 2012
  • Do your pensions need some TLC?
  • Annuity rates drop in June, how low will they go?
  • The best kept secret of retirement planning?
  • 6 personal finance tips for small business owners
  • Inflation falls, but don’t get complacent about your savings
  • SIPP in the Spotlight: Liberty SIPP
May 2012
  • Why 21st December is a key date for male retirees
  • The Eurozone Crisis: The biggest threat to your financial future?
  • We extend our SIPP deposit account best buy table
  • SIPP in the Spotlight: City Trustees
  • The comeback of the SSAS
  • Why use an IFA to buy an Annuity?
April 2012
  • 6 things to do after you have bought an Annuity
  • Is a SIPP right for you?
  • How to avoid the interest only mortgage trap when you retire
  • 6 simple tax saving tips for the start of the tax year
  • Investment Sense TV is launched
  • Interest rates on SIPP deposit accounts hold steady
March 2012
  • 7 things to do in the year before you retire
  • Investment Sense TV is launched
  • Latest SIPP seminar dates announced
  • Everything you need to know about the “Granny Tax”
  • Flexible Drawdown: How to choose the right provider
  • Budget 2012: Winners & Losers

Budget Special Edition

  • Budget 2012: The main points
  • Winners & Losers
  • Who said what?
  • What the papers said
February 2012
  • Another Budget, another chance to tinker with your pension?
  • Retiring soon? How will Quantitative Easing affect your Annuity rate?
  • Flexible Drawdown: How can it help you?
  • Hints and tips for SIPP property purchase
  • 7 ideas for the end of the tax year
  • NewBuy mortgage scheme announced
January 2012
  • Buy now or later? When is the right time to buy your Annuity?
  • 2012, a year of challenges for the SIPP market
  • Disapointed by low Annuity rates? But still need an income? There is another way
  • Jessica McGowan joins the Investment Sense team
  • Dates for our London SIPP seminars announced
  • 6 tips for buy to let investors
December 2011
  • The Investment Sense predictions for 2012
  • 6 SIPP lessons we learnt in 2011
  • FSA proposes new mortgage lending rules
  • 9 questions to ask your Annuity adviser
  • Family SIPPs: What are they? How can they help you?
  • Annuity v Income Drawdown, which one is right for you?
November 2011
  • The Autum Statement: Are you a winner or loser?
  • 9 SIPP mistakes to avoid
  • Falling retirement incomes. Part 1: Annuity rates fall
  • Falling retirement incomes. Part 2: Income Drawdown
  • Tim Warner joins Investment Sense
  • Inflation linked savings
October 2011
  • Inflation Linked Annuities: The case for & against
  • Free SIPP seminars
  • 5 tips to help you choose the right SIPP deposit account
  • Jonathan Nightingale joins Investment Sense
  • Pensions: What will you do with your tax free lump sum
  • Will Aid is here. Have you made yours?
September 2011
  • Should you delay your Annuity purchase?
  • 8 things to consider when choosing a SIPP
  • Savings: Ideas to deal with high inflation & low interest rates
  • Keeping a rational head in an irrational market
  • Accounts in focus: Post Office Online Bonds
  • SIPPs: Investment Sense helps drive Charnwood Golf Range forward
August 2011
  • Lessons learnt from the financial crisis
  • Coming soon: SIPP Zone
  • Inflation linked savings account
  • Where now for Annuity rates?
  • Can you list all 10 ways of taking money from your pension?
  • Time to review what you are payinf for your SIPP?
July 2011
  • Should you take the tax free lump sum from your pension?
  • How to buy a property in a SIPP
  • Getting in the savings habit
  • A fresh look at the With Profits Annuity
  • 8 tips to make your savings work harder
  • Account in focus: Coventry Building Society Poppy Online Saver
June 2011
  • How much does each option affect your Annuity rate?
  • Deposit accounts & SIPPs: It might not be as easy as you think
  • Hints & Tips to help you find the right financial adviser
  • 8 Pension pitfalls to avoid
  • Investment Sense win the NSPCC Business Challenge
  • Top tips for reducing Inheritance Tax
May 2011
  • How strong is your Annuity provider?
  • Linda Wood joins Investment Sense
  • Account in Focus: NS&I Index Linked Certificates
  • Buying a property in a SIPP
  • 6 tips to help you choose the right SIPP
  • Where now for interest rates?
April 2011
  • 6 Common Annuity mistakes
  • Networking with Rachel Elnaugh
  • Inflation Linked Annuities
  • Get access to more of your pension with Flexible Drawdown
  • Inflation linked savings, should you believe the hype?
  • Bank Holiday boredom? 6 financial tasks to tackle
March 2011
  • 9 questions to ask your Annuity adviser
  • Savings Watch: How can your savings beat inflation?
  • Account in Focus: Birmingham Midshires Inflation Rate Bonds
  • Parents (and Grandparents) require ever deeper pockets
  • Practical solutions to the financial cost of University
  • Critical Illness: Myths exposed
February 2011
  • A ruling on 1st March could reduce Annuity rates for men
  • Tax year ends soon, it must be time to buy an ISA?
  • Premium Bonds should we love or hate them?
  • When you need more from your SIPP
  • Investment Sense & Childline
  • Inflation, Stagflation & Deflation
January 2011
  • Annuity rates: Will recent rises continue?
  • Income Deposit Plan 4.10% gross AER fixed for 3 years
  • SIPP’s, the cheaper the better?
  • 6 steps to consider leading up to retirement
  • 1 in 5 people will live to 100
  • New compensation limits for deposit accounts